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About CBT

The perception of stress creates a negative thinking pattern which in turn serves to maintain and at times to heighten the arousal or anxiety level.

Some examples:

1.  Event (waking up)   >  Thought (I can't face another day)  > Anxiety (arousal/tension)

2.  Event (you have a meeting at work)  >  Thought (I'm no good at my job - I'll be found out)  >  Anxiety (arousal/tension)

3.  Event (the children are playing and making a noise)  >  Thought (I just can't cope with this - I'm a bad mum/dad)  >  Anxiety (arousal/tension)

4.  Event (time to go to bed)  >  Thought (I won't be able to sleep)  >  Anxiety (arousal/tension)

5.  Event (tinnitus)  >  Thought (I can't cope)  >  Anxiety (arousal/tension)

Hope you get the general idea from those!

Self-assessment and Self-referral

If you haven't done so already, why not try using the self-assessments on the website

If you would like to attend for an assessment, you can email me at debbie@debbiefeatherstone.com or even complete a self-referral Mini-History form from here

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