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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
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Email cbt@tinnituseprogram.orgCBT for Tinnitus E-Programme - 12 part processNeuroscience & CBT ProtocolMain website: www.tinnituseprogram.orgCBT for Tinnitus E-Programme appointments use Zoom

  • 30 years experience

  • Clinical practice, teaching and research

  • Senior Associate - The Royal Society of Medicine

  • CBT for tinnitus, anxiety and depression

  • Bringing Tinnitus, CBT & related Neuroscience in to focus

Online CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) for tinnitus distress
The CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme

CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme
A Case Study

We'll use Zoom for your 1-1 appointments

1-1 appointments included when you enrol

To join the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme:

Send in your Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI)

Debbie Featherstone MSc Hearing Therapy | Psychotherapy & CBT Specialist

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