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About CBT

The following form can be used to replace the paper Thought Records used in clinic.

Where you are using Part 1 Thought Record only at this stage:

Please note, items 1 - 5 is Part One Thought Record - once you have learned to identify NATs (Negative Automatic Thoughts) including the hot thought several times over the course of one to two weeks, it will have prepared you to go on to use the Full Thought Record

Where you are using the Full Thought Record:

Please complete all items 1 - 5, followed by 6 - 10

Example situation: Woke up at 5am - tried to get back to sleep but worrying about.....

What was going through your mind just BEFORE you started to feel this way?

These "thoughts" are vehicles that carry NEGATIVE MEANING, thus causing you to feel negative emotion. They are short, their meaning comes from your subconscious and you are starting to learn to identify them. They are called "Cognitive Distortions" i.e. "distorted thinking".

 All or nothing thinking
 Filtering out the positive
 Jumping to conclusions
 Predicting the future
 Magnification of the negative
 Minimising the positive
 Emotional reasoning
 Should / must statements

Common examples of "meaning-carrying thoughts" (NATs - Negative Automatic Thoughts):
"My life is ruined"
"I can't live like this"
"This won't work for me" (using CBT/therapy)
"My ******* (e.g. anxiety, fear, tinnitus) is SO BAD, it must be different to other people's"

Where you are currently working on Part 1 Thought Records ONLY, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and press SEND. You should receive a copy of your record above by email.
Where you are using the FULL THOUGHT RECORD, please continue with the following:

Review the evidence that you have documented in (6) and (7) about your Hot Thought. Add anything you may have missed.

Example: Hot Thought: "My life is ruined"

After forensically examining the EVIDENCE for and against this thought, an alternative more balanced thought may be "I am struggling and have been for some time, however, there are good things happening in my life too. I already have some tools to help me, and they are working e.g. the breathing exercise I am doing regularly each day is definitely helping me to feel calmer than I did. I went out with a friend on Saturday, and enjoyed it more than I expected to. So there are some good times. Telling myself "my life is ruined" is not true."

10) Now, re-rate your original mood(s), emotion(s), feelings from 2a, 2b and 2c:

Well done! You have completed your Thought Record - thank you!

If you have any comment to add about either your record, or more in general about using this electronic version of a Thought Record, please add your comments in the box. Then press SEND. A copy of your record should arrive in your email.

Debbie Featherstone MSc Psychotherapy & Tinnitus Management Specialist

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