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When we want to change how we feel, it's a good idea to get a flavour of what's really going on in the brain!

The "Limbic centre" - also known as the "paleomammalian complex" - is responsible for emotional reactions, along with other autonomic actions..... It forms a very fast subconscious evaluation and response system designed to keep us safe and survive.

Limbic System
Diagram courtesy of The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide to the Brain by Matthew Dahlitz

Click on the link below to listen to audio file "Hey there - it's me, your brain..."

Script from Brainworld - narrated by Debbie Featherstone

Working with me, I will teach and guide you through this essential understanding and enable you to change the uncomfortable and often distressing "symptoms" of an over-enthusiastic limbic system!

Watch some short neuroscience-related videos about The Divided Brain

Debbie Featherstone MSc Psychotherapy & Tinnitus Management Specialist

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